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Because we believe the Quality never ceased but processed with constant efforts to satify customer's satisfaction. We apply the most modern engineeringtechniques to be our core business, starting from coordinating the whole system, in engineering, acquisition and quality control.

Process Automation

Full quality of production needs precised control of machine. Process automation is significant for industry, same as human body, to control all system working in harmony, Out process automation will check, measure, control the production to be same quality, since we design system with utmost capacity, modern equipments installed by experts, equiped by precised tools, Consequestly, our process automation delivers full production for every industry.

Preventive Maintenance Service

We realize that every minute the production stops mean great loss for industry and is urgently needed to be remedied. We provide experienced team to solve the problem the soonest. Moreover, we provide preventive maintenance seravices for specific period, in order to increase the efficiency for electrical system.

Mod Eng. provides a wide range of products,services and solutions

  • Engineering design and project management
  • Fabrication supervision and inspection of equipment package
  • Cathodic Protection and services
  • Offshore Rigging Equipments
  • Operation unit modification and review to comply with industry standard and best practice
  • Study of following discipline
      Process / Piping
      Mechanical equipment
      Instrument & Control
      Electric power generation
      2D / 3D /CAD modeling
  • Engineering design and project management
  • Electrical Engineering Services
      High Voltage Incoming
      Main Feeder
      Generator System
      Lighting and Receptacle system
      UPS System
      Fire Alarm System
      Public Address System
      Telephone and LAN System
      MATV and CCTV System
      Power Supply Utility
      Lightning Protection System
  • Design,Installation and Preventive maintenance for electrical and instrument of process & machines


Industry best practice is our goal

Sample work (Mechanical)

Sample work ( Piping Design )

Sample Work (Pipe Stress Analysis)



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